The Best Vineyards In Australia So You Can Brush Up On Yr Wine Knowledge

If there’s anything better than a day of wine tasting then I haven’t found it yet. You feel fancy as heck, vineyards in Australia are pretty much always beautiful and it’s the perfect excuse to eat cheese all day too. The good news is, we’re actually pretty dang good at making our wine so you won’t even have to travel far to take advantage.

Mudgee – New South Wales

I discovered the joys of Mudgee way too late in my life. I missed years of possible wine trips here. The town itself is frikin’ adorable, and there’s a brewery in case you need a change from wine. But the vineyards are relaxed, you’re never fighting for a place at the tasting benches in cellar doors. Also, the wine is yum, in my professional opinion. Time your trip for the Mudgee Wine and Food Festival if you can, because obviously.

Yarra Valley – Victoria

The Yarra Valley is less than an hour drive from Melbourne, so it’s easy to get to and therefore there is absolutely no reason not to go. It’s particularly well known for producing fab Chardonnay, sparkling wine and Pinot noir so if that’s your wine jam then boy is this the place for you and why aren’t you there already?

McLaren Vale – South Australia

Like a little ocean with your grape vines? Then McLaren Vale is the wine region for you. The whole area has seaside and historic villages dotted around it. Within the region, the city of Onkaparinga also has a growing reputation for craft brewing and distilling, so you can take a short break from boutique wineries to cleanse the palette. Right? That’s how it works.

Hunter Valley – New South Wales

As a Sydney-sider, this one holds a special place in my heart and my weekends. A couple of hours out of the city is the picturesque Hunter Valley, serving up some cute country vistas. It’s typically more known for its white win varieties, like Chardonnay and Verdelho, but it’s also gaining a decent rep for Shiraz. As a red wine and rosé drinker, let me just tell you the wineries here have you covered too.

Mornington Peninsula – Victoria

Have you ever seen those super cute photos of the old-school colourful beach huts? That’s the Mornington Peninsula folks. Perfect Insta-selfies aside, they’re also famous for their delish wines and food, even boasting Chef Hatted restaurants. But don’t worry they have casual dining options too if that’s more your scene. Either way, the vineyards are a delight.

The Barossa Valley – South Australia

Yeah, this isn’t the first one on the list you’ve heard of. In fact, I’d argue it’s probably the most famous. And there’s good reason for that. Its been in the wine game since 1842, and thee days it’s got a casual 550 vineyards. Barossa Shiraz and Eden Valley Riesling are the true heroes of the region, but you’ll find plenty of other varieties.

Milawa – Victoria

Yup, Victoria has way more than its fair share of killer wineries so, lucky them, but also a perfect state for wine fans to spend some real time in. Is Milawa a huge wine region? Nope, not even close. But what it does have comes highly recommended, and serves it with some real smal town hospitality.

Coonawarra – South Australia

Another small town – only 20 kilometres long and two wide, in fact- with a big reputation for its wineries and cellar doors. This is the jam for red wine lovers, seeing as their Cabernet Sauvignon is loved worldwide and its Shiraz has a similar rep.

Margaret River – Western Australia

This is another favourite of mine, possibly also because of my super lovely cousin who refrains from drinking so he can drive me around the area every time I visit him in Perth, bless his heart. Besides the whole Perth and surrounding areas being dang pretty to look at, there’s plenty of cellar doors to check out. The area might only produce 3% of Aussie wine, but they make up over a fifth of its PREMIUM wines, proving that whole quality over quantity thing.