Tigerair Rips Flights To Bali From Website After Alleged Rule Breach

It may be worth keeping your Bintang singlet in the closet for a lil’ while longer, ’cause Tigerair has seemingly canned flights to Bali for the next three months.

Tickets to flights departing from Melbourne, Perth, and Adelaide before March 25 have been removed from Tigerair’s website after Indonesian aviation authorities accused the budget airline of breaching licensing regulations.

In a statement, Tigerair said “we continue to liaise with the Indonesian Government in order to commence flying to Bali again as soon as possible.”

Tigerair had already suspended a week’s worth of flights to the traditional holiday hotspot while it attempted to work through the issue. 

The airline has been granted the ability to operate flights out of Denpasar airport until Monday January 16.
If the airline doesn’t reach a compromise with authorities before Monday, planes belonging to Tigerair’s parent company Virgin Australia may travel to Bali to bring home some of the estimated 2000 ticket-holders left stranded.
According to Tigerair, affected travelers in the region will be provided funds for accommodation, and some refunds have been offered. That hasn’t stopped many people hit by the cancellations from having their piece on social media:

Anyone who thinks they may be affected by this issue has been asked to keep their eyes on the Tigerair site here. 

Source: The Herald Sun / Tigerair. 
Photo: Tigerair / Facebook.