The Definitive Pros & Cons Of Nipping Off Overseas Solo Versus In A Crew

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There’s a very specific reason we travel – to broaden our horizons, to get some sweet pics to thirst trap a love interest, or simply to get out of the country while that whole “stealing the neighbour’s canary” accusation dies down.

Travelling can also come with its fair share of stress. We’ve all slept in and missed a train, most of us have lost a phone and at least one of us has been placed under citizen’s arrest in Switzerland (me).

There’s also the stress surrounding your travel arrangements. Do you go solo, knowing you’ll have to force yourself to be outgoing and bubbly (even if you’d rather sit in the dark and hiss at anyone who cracks a curtain), or do you go with pals, potentially ruining friendships?

Or, bolder yet, do you join a completely new group and risk ending up being cornered by that one guy who clearly doesn’t shower and brags about never wearing underwear?

We’ve weighed up the options to help you decide.

We gotta stick together

Okay look, travelling in groups can be the genuine bomb diggity. You’re with your m8s, who you love, you have protection in numbers which is just being smart and you (mostly) always have immediate RSVPs to fun activities, like crying at Disneyland when Donald Duck snubs your request for a photo.

On the flipside, you can absolutely clash with friends after spending an unusually long time with them. Some of my best pals are beyond nightmares to travel with and I’m 100% lying because it’s me. I’m the nightmare.

Here’s a quick summary to help ya make snappy decisions.


  • Cheaper everything
  • Less chance of a mugging
  • Instant companions to everything
  • Bonded for life


  • May kill each other
  • Someone will ask to borrow your toothbrush
  • They’ll find out your deepest, darkest secrets
  • Parents will blame you if someone goes missing

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I’m ridin’ solo

Ahhh, solo travel. The first time I’ve ever had people genuinely ask me if I  knew “how to function by myself”. Yes, everyone, I’m alive aren’t I? Back off.

There are so many perks to flying solo. You don’t have to worry about other people and where they are, it puts you out of your comfort zone and you can make friends with people who wouldn’t necessarily get along with your basic friendship circle.

However, if you’re averse to talking to strangers or you have a complete disregard for your own safety and, you know, the law, you may struggle.


  • You can be a social little butterfly
  • No one’s stopping you from going to that Cream Cheese exhibition
  • Will almost always become pals with at least one new person for life
  • Easier to find a room in a hostel or hotel


  • You could have a public meltdown because you miss your parents
  • You might just be a terrible person that no one likes
  • If you’re indecisive, you might spend a lot of time not doing anything
  • No one can tell you if you’re being scammed by a taxi driver

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Trading in for a new group

If you’re hesitant about either solo or group travel, you can go through a company like Contiki, but even still there are pros and cons. Sure, you might meet the love of your life or make mates from a different country.

However, have you thought about how many people in this world you hate just from appearances alone? If you’re the type of person to judge someone for thinking they can pull off a fanny pack unironically at a festival, you might struggle. Similarly, if you think you can pull off a fanny pack unironically at a festival, you might also struggle. It’s a fine line.


  • Your standards for love decrease when you’re around people for long enough
  • You’ll have fun, even if they have to use force
  • You’re bound to find at least one person you don’t want to jab in the eye
  • The whole trip’s organised for you


  • If you break up with your new love, you’re still stuck with ’em on a bus
  • You’ll still have to wake up before noon to catch transport
  • There’s almost certainly a guy on your trip named Justin who loves Crossfit
  • You’ll definitely experience cabin fever at some point

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Regardless of how you like to travel, Contiki is flogging some ridic deals to Europe in summer ’19, so you have ample time before then to decide if you’re a lone wolf or a group kinda person.

Peruse all the deals here.

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