The New Australian Passport Updates are Here And They Have *Checks Notes* Secret Animals??

Australian passports have scored a new update that is as cute as it is functional. The new ‘R series’ passports include a whole bunch of new security features that double as some fun airport entertainment.

What may seem like a cute gimmick to unknowing Aussie travellers (me), the updates are actually a super high-tech security feature. ‘Secret’ native animals are hidden throughout the new R series passports. Only able to be viewed under ultraviolet light making them harder to forge.

There are also 17 prints of Australian landscapes throughout the new passports that turn into nightscapes under UV light and excuse me while I apply for one of these.

Secret animals and naturescapes aren’t the only new updates coming to the R series passport, though. The photo page will also be made from thick layered plastic – for security purposes (obvi) and durability for those of us who have a case for our phones but not a VERY IMPORTANT government document.

I see you, large snake (?). Credit: Australia Passport Office

But these new updates don’t come free, with Aussie travellers having to fork out an eye-watering $325 to get their hands on the R Series. This is a step up from the $308 a passport would have set you back in 2022 and as one of the most expensive passports in the world I would hope they’re pretty forge-proof.

The price hike also comes off the back of the insane demand for passports last year, which lead to absolutely nutso processing times for travellers.

The R series passports have been rolling out since September 2022, so many Australians may already have their hands on one of these animal-filled boys. If you are someone who has an R series passport stuffed in a drawer somewhere, there might be one other detail you want to check for. A mention of the Queen, rather than King Charles, is in more than one million passports printed before her death.

The 2023 Australian passport ranks among some of the most powerful in the world with Japan taking out the coveted top spot.