NSW’s Tourism Site Has Loads Of Free Virtual Shit On For Staving Off Iso Boredom This Weekend

IDK about you, but I am currently bored shitless when the weekend hits. Without work to occupy my mind, what is there to do? Develop an unhealthy obsession with The Sims again? I mean, yes, and I won’t stop – but I’d like more to occupy my mind RN too.

Visit NSW has obviously had to take a turn now we’re not allowed to travel anywhere for the foreseeable future. And take a turn they have – they’ve come up with a bunch of cool online activities that’ll make you feel like you left the house, even when you haven’t.

Firstly, a bunch of local zoos have done virtual tours. You can even watch feeding time! My fave? Symbio Park’s koalas, who just nap like the lazy adorable slobs they are.

They’ve also collated a bunch of virtual walks through some of the most peaceful gardens, like the Cowra Japanese Garden, and one of my Sydney faves, Wendy Whiteley’s Garden.

Even just popping that on and doing some yoga in front of my laptop made me feel mucho relaxed.

Finally, they’ve got a DIY wellness day curated by Byron Bay’s Gaia Day Spa, one of the most lush in NSW. They’ve provided a wellness beverage recipe, and a step-by-step program to maxo relaxo at home. There are also product recs you can buy online, if you can’t be assed making a natural banana face mask or whatever.

Personally, I’m loving the energy of all these travel spots turning digital and letting me experience the outdoors, but indoors.