Ditch The Hotel Room For These Ridiculously Adorable Moveable Rentals

If you haven’t caught yourself scrolling through Instagram and fantasising about pimping out your own ride and riding around the country without a care in the world, you’re absolutely lying. The trick, of course, is the practicality of spending all that time and effort on something you probably only need for one holiday.

Enter Airbnb. Not surprisingly, they’ve been seeing an increase in popularity for ‘moveable’ stays. There have been over 2 million wish0listed, and more than 13 000 trailers and buses, 9 000 boats and 328 trains listed for rental.

So that about solves all your moving travel needs, yeah? Here are some of the coolest moveable accommodations you can rent for that Queensland road trip you’ve been dreaming of.

Glam Vanning Mooloolaba

Provided by Airbnb

I literally made a small squeal when I saw this picture. Look at the adorable and beautiful van! This is what I very much wish my room at home looked like.

Luxury Train on Farm

Provided by Airbnb

Ok so obviously you’re not going to be driving this one around (thank god for the rest of us), but it USED to be moveable and it’s so damn cute I’m still including it. It sleeps 18 and sits in the middle of 50 acres of trees, a creek, wildlife and the wee farm animals.

“Waternest” a Floating Home

Provided by Airbnb

Why stay on land like a peasant when you can float on the seas like royalty? This gorgeous refurbished houseboat is moored to a private jetty on the Noosa River. And yes, there is a toot onboard.

Berti The Kombi

Provided by Airbnb

BERTI. THE. KOMBI. I have been talking about owning a hippie van since I was about 10 and if I had one named Bertie I would die happy. Look at this self-drive mobile home! Just look at him!