PEDESTRIAN.TV has teamed up with Personalised Plates Queensland to have you riding in style.

It’s hot, you’re bored and you’ve got a bunch of mates around you just waiting to rip into some summer fun. The problem is, however, that you’re all too broke to even afford the standard fish and chippies to eat by the beach. It’s a travesty, summer is ruined.

We’re betting that a sweet, sweet cash gift of $2,000 from PTV for Personalised Plates Queensland would change your luck though. We’re slinging one lucky Queenslander the chance to spend those two Gs on the most incredible summer road trip.


Everyone knows someone with a questionable road trip story (my brother and his mates had to pull over on a road trip a few years ago because the guy in the passenger seat was stung by a rogue carpenter bee who’d come along for the ride), but we forget that there are also things that can absolutely MAKE a road trip.

Score $2K To Create The Ultimate Summer Road Trip Getaway For You & Yr Pals

The right group of people, the perfect personalised plates to make your ride stand out, a GPS whose voice doesn’t make you want to remove your ears when you eventually Gogh crazy. These all contribute to the best time ever with your mates, so have a think about what two thousand buckeroos could do to make it that good.

And honestly, at least some of those dollars better go towards the beachside fish and chippies when you reach your destination. It’s a summer necessity.

Image: Instagram / @shaymitchell