Jetstar Are Slinging $59 Flight Deals Between Sydney & Adelaide Right Fkn Now So Get In Quick

Jetstar, Qantas, Virgin Australia Flights

Buckle up airheads, Jetstar, Qantas and Virgin Australia are all kicking off their hectic Australian flight plans, with Jetstar flinging a massive 36-hour flash sale.

Kicking off midday Wednesday (which is today!!!), Jetstar will be handing out massive bargains on flights between Sydney and Adelaide to celebrate the borders between the two states re-opening. This flash sale, however, will only last 36 hours, so grab your boots and your coat for this wholesome-ass-plan.

These one-way flights between the two cities are going at $59 each, with the only caveat being that there are 5,000 up for grabs, so hurry up and plan that early holiday.

Alongside the yuge deals going off right now, Jetstar is also going to be changing their flight schedule between Sydney and Adelaide from five trips a week to two trips a day starting in October. This is then going to increase again on November 1, with planes hitting the skies a whopping three times a day.

Rejoice, you no longer have to suffer if you miss your plane.

Time for that early holiday.

Qantas will also be resuming its flights between the Sydney and Adelaide as of Thursday, minus the absolutely bonkers bargain. Daily flights from the big Q are looking to start at around $213, which is still pretty hectic considering flying anywhere was an abstract concept just a few weeks ago.

“The resumption of Qantas flights from Sydney to Adelaide and additional Jetstar flights on the route will be fantastic for tourism operators and local businesses in both South Australia and New South Wales,” a spokesperson for Qantas said.

“With the ongoing travel restrictions, we’re pleased to be able to help more travellers explore world-class destinations in their own country while getting more business and people back to work.”

Aside from these two airlines, Virgin Australia also has some skin in the game, as it plans to start off its Aussie services between NSW, South Australia, Queensland and the ACT. Sorry Victoria, but you should’ve guessed you weren’t going to be on this list.

Virgin Australia is upping their flight game in the coming months, with trips to the Gold Coast from Canberra reaching up to five flights a week in the beginning of October, while October 12 will see three return flights touching the clouds every week between Canberra and Adelaide. Flights between Canberra and Brisbane will also be increased.

Alright everyone, let’s get packing!