We Scoured Japan Purely To Bring Back A Craft Brew You’ve Never Tried Before

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Japan. You know it for the cherry blossoms, the kimonos, the Harajuku girls and just a whole lot of quirkiness. Now, you voted for getting to know its beers, and BWS went to great lengths to deliver.

In case you missed it, we’re on a mission with BWS, Home & Away‘s Tai Hara and beer fanatic Malcolm – there on behalf of your local BWS – to find the rarest and best craft beers from six countries around the world.

For the first stop on our journey, we travelled to Japan for THE best craft beer they had to offer so we could bring it back for Australia as part of the world’s rarest six-pack.

Boy, oh boy, did the team succeed.

They journeyed 7000 kilometres, by plane and train, licked a fish, sung karaoke and shared an onsen with a beer expert to discover one of Japan’s most innovative and awarded craft breweries, Minoh Beer in Osaka.

The brewery has won all kinds of awards for their beers. Our mission had us making eyes with a delicious, bananary brew the likes of which you literally cannot find anywhere else in the world – the Minoh Weizen. Why did we pick this beer for the world’s rarest six-pack?

“Australia wanted us to bring back a fruity Japanese number,” explains Malcolm. So you’re welcome, Australia.

Curious how Minoh Beer concoct their unique and crafty brews? Check out the adventure below.

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