If the Basic Bitch Beverage of 2017 was the espresso martini, then 2018‘s is most certainly gin.

The botanical-based drink is having a serious moment. A rebirth. A second coming, if you will.

And if you yourself are a gin fiend, you’ll be pleased to learn Gin Spa – yes, as in a beauty spa dedicated entirely to the tonic – has opened in Glasgow, Scotland.

Launched in December, the salon offers all the beauty treatment faves but with a decidedly boozy twist.

You go in, the therapist will ask you how you’d like to feel today (tranquil? Pure?) before tailoring your treatment to include botanical ingredients from some of the world’s finest gins. Want to leave feeling ‘energised’? Geranium, pink grapefruit and ylang ylang essential oils should do the trick.

“That’s cute,” we hear you say. “But where’s the bit where you get pissed?”

Each treatment includes both a welcoming afternoon tea and a gin and tonic from their drink trolley, paired with some aromatherapy chocolate designed to compliment your experience.

Sadly, they aren’t currently offering a gin bath. One can dream.

The spa is run by the same team behind Gin71, a chain of dedicated gin bars in Scotland. In fact, one branch is just next door at Merchant’s City, meaning you can continue on your gin-based journey as soon as you step out of the treatment room.

If that ain’t the perfect tonic, I’ll eat my hat.

Source: Lonely Planet
Image: @theginspa / Instagram