ALDI Is Doing Fancy-Ass Xmas Bon Bons This Year If You Wanna Be Bougie Or Boozy On A Budgét

aldi christmas crackers bon bons swarovski gin

The silly season is coming at us fast so it’s probably time to start thinking about what your end-of-year celebrations are going to look like. No matter how you mark the occasion, it’s always nice to tizzy up the table with arguably the best part of a festive gathering — Chrissy crackers. The thrifty binches at ALDI have unveiled a couple of bougie-on-a-budget options that’ll outdo the dad jokes and moustache combs (??) this year.

A special range of boozy bon bons will be on sale in the sacred middle aisle from next week. Yep, ALDI’s super popular Christmas Gin Crackers are making a reappearance this year and they’ll set you back $39.99 for a pack of six.

Each cracker features a tiny 50ml bottle of British gin and the little crackers themselves look like they’re wearing tiny tuxedos. A bit naff but what’s a Christmas dinner without a bit of daggy tradition?

aldi christmas gin crackers
Look at these fancy little guys! [Image: Supplied]
If you’re after something a little more luxe but light on the wallet then you’re also in luck. ALDI’s also bringing back the Swarovski Hidden Secrets bon bons for a bit of festive flair.

These ones look pretty lush and would work well if you’re going for a strict Silver Bells or White Christmas aesthetic. Each cracker has a sparkly treat inside including stud earrings, necklaces, money clips and tie clips.

ALDI christmas cracker bon bons swarovski
Oooooh bit tizzy. [Image: Supplied]
The Swarovski crackers are truly bougie on a budget considering they’ll only set you back $19.99 for a pack of six. I’ve spent more on bottles of wine or hot dinners than that.

Both of these deliciously decadent Christmas crackers (or bon bons, or whatever you wanna call them) will be on sale at ALDI from Wednesday November 16. A heads up though — the gin crackers are only at select stores across NSW, Victoria, ACT and Western Australia.