A Gentle Reminder To Make A Plan For Getting Home Over NYE So You Don’t Spend All Yr Xmas Cash

I love a spontaneous night out. You know the ones where you start at a friend’s house for a casual catch up and the next minute you’re meeting your future best friend in the bathroom and pretending like you can afford multiple rounds of $20 cocktails? 

While these spontaneous evenings always result in the most unhinged (and fun) memories, they usually cost an arm and a leg to experience. Yes, the best things in life are free but in this economy be ready to shell out those crisp pineapple notes all night long. 

No one wants their heels in hand, mascara giving them raccoon eyes and having $3 to get across the other side of the city at the same time. Worse still, people can find themselves in some dangerous situations at all hours of the night. 

So, whilst the silly season is well and truly upon us, let’s make sure we’re having fun while also making decisions that our future selves (and our bank balance) will thank us for. 

One handy way to get home is with inDrive, Sydney’s new ride share app. The app lets users find cheaper rides while its drivers can offer their services on a flat rate basis. This means that you can set the price you want to pay rather than being a slave to the algorithm and surging prices. (AKA you offering a fare to the driver.) Huge. 

It’s something to consider, especially on New Year’s Eve when those surge fares can hit you where it really hurts. It’s also a good (and cheap) option if like me, you’ve spent all of your money on those cocktails. 

So enjoy what remains of the silly season but heed this (gentle) reminder to plan your way home before you walk out the door.