You Too Can Eat Pieces Of Shit Like This For Breakfast For $28 If You Visit Dublin Airport

dublin airport breakfast

I’m the type of person that wakes up hungry. If I’m awake, I need food. But I don’t think I’ll ever need food enough for me to eat this pathetic excuse for breakfast that’s going for a rort-worthy $28 at Dublin Airport.

Irish Journalist Kevin Doyle recently tweeted a picture of what $28 Aussie dollars gets you at Dublin Airport and it ain’t pretty. If it was this or Rice Bubbles on the menu, I’d pick the latter. Seriously, I’d pay more for milk and shells of air over eating butterless, sauceless bread with a side of wrinkly sausage.

“Dublin Airport has sorted out the security queues – but breakfast is another story. No bacon, no pastries… and €18.65 for this gourmet selection,” Doyle captioned the photo. Yep, €18.65 is just shy of $28 Aussie dollars. If I spent that much money on food and this rocked up, I’d probably cry because the only thing worse than eating this is eating this while sporting a Karen attitude.

So what exactly did Doyle receive? Two cups of tea, one bottle of water, four slices of toast and two very tired-looking sangas. It’s the lack of condiments that really kills me, though. Does Doyle not like sauce? Or did the airport charge extra for that? This question will keep me up at night and therefore make me eat more today than I did yesterday – even after witnessing this monstrosity.

At the time of writing this, the Tweet has been liked over 4,690 times and has racked up over 330 retweets. “Mate you can get the from bunnings in australia for £1.5 every Saturday morning,” Twitter user John Geale replied. Others shared what they could get for less cash, or the same amount, to really twist the knife.

By now plenty of us know that airport food prices can be far more expensive than your regular dining experience, but this man’s experience is enough to leave me hungry. That being said, I’ve also been to Dublin Airport in 2016 and I just had Macca’s. It was fine and affordable. But it was also Macca’s.

Chantelle Schmidt is a freelance writer. You can follow her on IG here.