Enter This Comp To Win A Free Overseas Vacay & Turn Yr Socials Up To 11

Busabout Wants To Pay You To Travel And Create Content For Them

I see you there, avid traveller and hungry content creator. Picture this, if you will humour me. You and five other social media lovers and travel enthusiastic embark on an all expenses paid, $14,960, trip for a full 11 weeks. Oh yeah, and you’ll totes get paid $375 each as well.

Excuuuuse me? Yeah, not a drill folks.

Most backpackers have at least heard of the Hop-on Hop-off coach network Busabout, if not personally travelled on them. Why? They’re basically a more flexible, self-organised way to travel when local transport doesn’t speak your language and full-blown tours seem too rigid, or when letting someone else organise everything for you seems like a dream. Whatever floats your boat.

Last year, they organised the first Ultimate Travel Squad of four, including singer/ songwriter Eleea Navarro, who travelled across Europe for three months. What motivated her to enter?

My love of adventure, travel journalism and creating beautiful images, I thought I might be a good fit,” Eleea explains, “This is not just a ‘free trip’, it’s also an incredible platform and job opportunity...”

This year is bigger. The six winners will get to travel through either South East Asia for six weeks, Europe for 11 weeks, or test drive the brand-spanking new USA program for six weeks. And yes, you will have to be producing rad content the whole time, but as if you’d be here if you weren’t doing that on the reg anyway.

One of three winning Instagram Storytellers who can werk it in front of a camera and tell a story with their Insta account and one of three winning Videographer who can throw together some killer vids like it’s no big thang, will head to each location.

Oh, and you’ll totally have to get in on the challenges chosen for you by Busabout’s Instagram audience. So they could get you white water rafting in Lauterbrunnen (RAD!) or chowing down deep-fried buggies in Bangkok (at least it’s a good story to tell?).

Enter here and warn your followers they’re about to experience some very real FOMO. Seriously, this could be you, all glam and blissed out: