This Aussie Company Will Pay You $1K To Deliver Gold Glasses To Paris ASAP

Airtasker is a pretty nifty site, ostensibly existing to match people who don’t want to do some shitty task like build an ikea shelf or drive to maccas and back, with someone who’ll do it for a small fee.

Or, as we’ve discovered today, you could also use Airtasker to transport a pair of gold sunglasses halfway across the world, cause your boss needs them, like yesterday.

AM Eyewear, a Darlinghurst, Sydney based eyewear have decided they don’t trust regular courier or airmail services when it comes to transporting spenny goods and have posted a task on the site titled ‘Deliver Sunglasses – Fly Sydney to Paris Return’.

Fkn… what?

The description runs through what they want from ya:

AM Eyewear requires someone to fly from Sydney to Paris. Leave by Monday morning at the absolute latest to deliver a pair of Gold sunglasses to our director for an optical exhibition.

Fee $1000 plus return flight and 2 nights accommodation in Paris.

*Only applicants with strong references need apply, security guard licensed or police clearance applicants would be preferable.

Need someone to leave urgently.

Yeah, look we were suspect AF as well but we’ve reached out to AM Eyewear and can confirm this is one hundo percet legit, with the decision on who will get the lofty gig being made ASAP.

So if you’re a huge unit with security expertise who would dive in front of a bullet for a pair of sunnies, hit up the Airtasker page right away, as some of the contenders are already looking pretty solid:

This guy has def done a murder.

Oi, if you win, have a croissant for us, yeh?