Nokia is bringing back the iconic (and freakin’ unbreakable) 3310 in 3G, and Australia‘s going to be the first in the world to get it.

Nokia made the announce at a fancy + secretive launch today. The new/old phone is coming out in four colours – red, yellow, azure and charcoal – and goes on sale mid-October for $89.95.

And yes, it comes with Snake. Of course it comes with Snake. You can’t browse Instagram, but you can make a bunch of little pixels eat a bunch of other little pixels to become an even bigger line of pixels, which tbh sounds infinitely better.

The phone comes with a 2MP camera (with LED flash), snake preloaded, and access to the games / app store. (So maybe you can browse Instagram…? TBD.)

Nokia brought out the 3310 earlier this year, but in 2G, which Aussies unfortunately couldn’t use because all our networks were getting switched off

And because it’s 3G enabled, you can use it to go online. Consider it the new and improved 3310 – but if everyone could agree that ‘a good ringtone is no ringtone’ before this thing comes out, that would be fantastic.


Image: E! News