All The Best Spots To Eat In Singapore If You Want A Vaycay That’s Just Good Food & Food Comas


The best part of any holiday is eating. Some other folks might say it’s getting up at 4 am to see a once-in-a-lifetime sunrise somewhere, but personally, indulging in as much local cuisine as possible is always the goal of my vacay.

Not to get all Anthony Bourdain about it too, but eating like a local, spending time in a tiny family-owned cafe and talking to a restaurant’s chefs is the best way to get to know a new place.

So, if you’re like me and want a food-focused holiday, look no further than Singapore — a bonafide hotspot for culinary delights. The national cuisine is a fusion of incredible flavours, culminating in a spicy and saucy feast for the senses.

Now, there are tonnes of places to eat in Singapore, so this is by no means an exhaustive list — but here’s a little rundown to give you some inspo.

Hawker Centres & Markets

You cannot go to Singapore without eating at a Hawker Centre, which are full of affordable, delicious options that locals love. They’re kind of like open-air market stalls with heaps of street-style food.

My co-worker Ben recently went to Singapore over the Christmas break, and bloody gushed about the Changi Village Hawker Centre. He said the Hokkien mee, barbequed stingray, fried chicken chop hor fun, carrot cake, and oyster omelette were must-haves at this place. He also said that washing it all down with an ice-cold sugar cane or coconut is a must too. 

“The carrot cake is amazing. It’s savoury and made of rice flour and white radish [and actually has no carrots or cake in it]. It’s $4 and amazing,” he said.

He also rated the Bedok 85 Fengshan Food Centre for Ah Balling (glutinous rice ball dessert with sesame or peanut filling with a choice of either ginger or peanut soup) and bak chor mee (minced pork noodles).

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It’d be wrong to go to Singapore and not indulge in a plate of chilli crab. One of our favourite TikTokers, @biteswithlily recently went to Singapore for a culinary adventure and posted this immaculate video taken at Keng Eng Kee Seafood. (Honestly, it was hard for me not to lick my screen after watching this.)

I highly recommend sussing out her videos on the Lau Pa Sat Market, Maxwell Food Centre and Chinatown Food Centre for more delicious, budget-friendly inspo.

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Bougie Dining Spots

While Singapore is famous for street food, there are plenty of upmarket and Michelin-star spots for a really bougie dining experience. I genuinely believe that if you’re going on holiday, there should be at least one night dedicated to dressing to the nines and scoring a booking at the best restaurant in town.

The restaurants Les Amis, Odette and Zén all managed to retain three-Michelin-stars in 2022, while Cloudstreet and Thevar were newly voted into the two-Michelin star category. Of the list, some other must-try dining experiences include Labyrinth (a reimagination of Singapore’s hawker food), Candlenut (Peranakan food) and Burnt Ends (high-end Aussie barbeque). 

Tradish (& Non-Tradish) Dessert Spots

All good meals end with dessert. No one can dispute this and Singapore has a bunch of desserts that are a must-eat on a trip there.

Chendol is hugely popular in Southeast Asia, and Old Amoy Chendol is a hot spot for a big bowl of the sweet, iced jelly dish. Alternatively, you’ll be able to gobble up Kuehs (traditional sweet and savoury cakes) at Chalk Farm and Ice Kachang (a finely shaved ice topped with red beans, jellies and sweet syrups) at Jin Jin Hot/Cold Dessert, or if you’re after some ice cream, hit up Birds of Paradise Gelato Boutique.

If you’re hungry (lol) to explore Singapore in all its culinary glory further, chefs like Adam Liaw and Brent Savage have given their own guides to eating their way around the country on the Visit Singapore website. So what are you waiting for? Open your notes app, make a list of all the spots you want to hit and get planning.