A Guide To Whistler, For When You Win A Kickass Trip With Peking Duk

Celebrating Australia Day in Australia is bloody passé. Jokes, it’s decent AF. Butttttt, throwing down with Peking Duk’s Adam Hyde and Reuben Styles in Whistler certainly has its perks . . . PERi-Perks. As we’re hoping you’re now aware (ten points to Gryffindor if ya are), Nando’s are responsible for piecing together this mountainside throw-down. Simply get around their PERi-PERks rewards program and spend more than 15 dollarydoos to go in the running to win this luxe/VIP package. For info on all the other *thumbs up* shizzle they’re including with the trip, as well as the v-important T&Cs, have a gander HERE
As the Peking Duk champs explain, we’ve partnered with Nando’s to help them throw an epic Australia Day blow-out in Whistler: 
In lieu of y’all potentially experiencing the best vay-cay of your life, we thought it only sensible to piece together an insider’s guide to Whistler for you to utilise when there. God we’re good to you. 
A bit of a FYI: Whistler, located in Canada’s British Columbia, is a gawjus resort town nestled amongst the Pacific Ranges of the Coast Mountains. Odds are you’ve heard of it, ‘Strayans love it as a destination for a working holi. 
This kinda goes without saying but we thought we’d remind you anyway incase you’re having a brain fart. Whistler, the ski resort, is a great place for skiing
It was the hostess with the mostest for 2010’s Winter Olympics so you’d imagine it’s world class terrain is halfway decent. 

As the map below demonstrates, both Blackcomb and Whistler mountains offer a few slopes to get amongst. 
Via Mappery. 
Both peaks provide beginner, intermediate and advance runs so there’s, like, so totally something for everyone! Zomg. 
We thought it best to give you information you didn’t know, rather than the blatantly obvious (this is an insider’s guide after all). There’s this thing called Fresh Tracks which Whistler veterans are very familiar with. If you’re not too hung-bean from the previous night’s festivities then rise at the crack-of (7:15-8AM) and get your geared-out booty up the mountain. Once there, treat yo’ self to an all-you-can-eat buffet (ft. BACON, eggs, fruit etc) at the Roundhouse Lodge while watching an alpine sunrise so breathtaking it’ll feel like you’ve just been kicked in the balls. 
The main draw for fresh tracks is that you: a) have access to (often) freshly snowed on slopes, b) feel super zen being able to ski/snowboard on your lonesome, c) pack way more runs into your day. 
Visit here for more info. 
Après-ski – the most fantastic phrase in the wankers rhetoric. For those who don’t have a chateau in the Swiss Alps (pfft, peasants), après-ski literally translates to after-ski. If you’re in need of further translation: after-ski roughly means ‘TIME FOR A BIG OL’ PISS UP, ~HIGH-BROW~ STYLE’. 
This is the greatest aspect of ski-culture. It’s perfectly acceptable to get fifty shades of munted because of it’s ties to an ostentatious/bourgeoisie tradition. 
Dusty’s is your destination if you’re chasing the authentic après-ski experience. It’s Whistler’s OG après-ski bar, having opened in 1965. The old girl had a facelift in 2000 so she’s serving up contemporary mountain-cabin realness. 
We’ve been told that the Crystal Lounge also pops off. If you’re a fan of chicken wings then you’ve hit the jackpot – this venue offers up some of the best/affordable in the whole precinct. 
Another notable mention goes to Garibaldi Lift Co (call it GLC though so you don’t look like a potato to the locals). Our Canadian brethren also champion the ritual of the Sunday-sesh. If you happen to be in that neck of the woods on a Sunday, fang over to GLC. 
Many of us respond well to clear liquids that smell like household cleaning products. If you fall into that category, you’re going to love this place. 
Bearfoot Bistro’s Ketel One Ice Room is a vodka-enthusiasts heaven (albeit a very blurry, headache inducing heaven). 
Kept at a comfortable -32º, it’s the worlds coldest vodka tasting room. They’ve sourced over 50 types from around ze world – some having been made with ingredients as ~outrageous~ as hemp seeds (kids these days) – so you’ll be spoiled for choice.  

As your expert (dream job much) will explain, sampling vodka in Antarctic conditions legit enhances the taste of the vodka, as well as reducing after-burn. They’ll even provide you with parkas that’ll keep ya nice and toasty. 
Poutine is the best thing you’ve never heard of. 
Via Yelp.
* furiously salivates *
Poutine must have been created in a moment of simplistic brilliance. In it’s traditional form, it consists of chips, cheese curd and topped with a gravy-like sauce. Oh god, yes – rub it all over my boday.
For the best poutine in Whistler, head straight to Zog’s Dogs. They do brilliant things with bangers as well. 
Fingers and toes that these insights help you feel like a local when you’re throwing down with Peking Duk on Australia Day. To find out more about the vay-cay, click HERE pls.