Peking Duk Literally Let The Dogs Out, Bring Theirs As Dates To The ARIAs

Ah the ARIAs. Australian music’s night of nights, where roughly the same four bands get nominated every year but we at least get to look at the beautiful people.
Speaking of, yr bois Peking Duk is in attendance this year, and while they’re not nominated they’ve undoubtedly stolen the show with the sleepiest, most beautiful dates you’re likely to see: 2x sausage dogs. We repeat: SAUSAGE PUPPERS.
Peking Duk, who were nominated twice last year for “Take Me Over” and won Best Dance Release in 2014 for “High“, described the world’s most patient dogs as “very lovely bitches,” which is technically true I guess. 
Their choice of date was also an excellent way of winning Troye Sivan‘s undying love and affection.

This actually makes for the second pupper-related Peking Duk stunt in two days, after their music vid for ‘Stranger ft. Elephant’ ft. stoner dogs dropped yesterday.
One more cute clip before you go, ‘cos look at the two of them flippin’ SMOOCH (the dogs, not the boys).


Source: Twitter.
Photo: Getty / Brendon Thorne.