PEDESTRIAN.TV has teamed up with Samsung to give you some space.

I don’t know about you, but when I’m working in a clear, open space, I get a heck of a lot more done. I naturally lean towards the more disorganised clutter, but there’s a serious satisfaction that comes with tidying up your trash and starting afresh. Minimalism is super popular (thanks a bunch, Marie Kondo), but it’s true.

Plus, you’re absolutely less likely to piss off your desk buddies when your clutter isn’t infringing on theirs. Desk spreading is a legit problem, and according to research from Samsung’s Desk Hygiene Research (May 2019), if you’ve got crap all over your desk then there’s a 60% chance that your coworkers think your work will be just as disorganised.

And when you wanna come across as professional, that’s a big yikes. But lucky for you, we’ve got a fix.

Samsung Space Monitor 2019

If you’re a cluttered human, you’d probably froth at the idea of someone else coming in and organising your desk for you – and even reclaiming lost space by offering you the chance to win a seriously slick Samsung Space Monitor. It’s suuuuper minimalist and for the first time, clamp to the back of your desk instead of sitting on top of it, freeing up a stack of desk space so you can be productive as heck.

Well, upload an image showing us why your desk is in desperate need of someone to pimp your desk out (and save some space for you know, actual work to happen once in a while), and you could be the lucky lil’ worker bee who cops a visit from the decluttering queen Monique Sartor who will help you sort it out once your brand new Space Monitor is set up.

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Not sure who Monique Sartor even is? Well you probs have a dodgy desk then, ya grot. She’s the owner and operator of Sartorial Interiors, and is basically a genius when it comes to whisking around your desk and making it look schmick (and functional).


Plus don’t forget the benefits of the Samsung Space Monitor. It works by clamping onto the back of your desk (so no more bulky monitor bases) and its flexible arm design means you can have your monitor as close or far away as you need. So when you need to spread out more you can just give it a nudge right to the back and you’ll be cheering.

Plus the monitor itself is 4K, so the content on-screen will look sick no matter how far back on your desk you’ve got it perched. Considering they retail for $999.00 (for the 32-inch model) and $799.00 (for the 27-inch model), winning one for your desk is pretty hectic.

so much room for activities

So with Monique coming in to clear things up and the Space Monitor set up as well, it’s all up to you to keep your desk decluttered. Too cynical? Reckon you can keep it clean and looking like the desk gods themselves alighted on your work station with blessings?

We have faith in you, you messy little human. Besides, we’ll make sure you’re equipped with plenty of expert tips and tricks so you won’t really be going it alone afterwards. You can still have a super busy mind full of ideas with a clean space. Now excuse me while I attempt to rearrange my own clutter.

This may take a while.

Image: iStock / SilviaJansen