You’ve Been Doing It Wrong: 10 Game-Changing Inventions You Need RN

There’s nothing worse than going through life only to find out you’ve been doing it wrong. Maybe it’s the pronunciation of a certain word. Maybe it’s finding out Africa is a continent, not a country. Maybe it’s discovering a keyboard shortcut your entire office uses.

Whatever it is, it’s a hard pill to swallow. Your life could quite literally have been so much easier / less embarrassing. It is with that in mind that I’d like to save you any further pain by letting you in on the below items that’ll change your life. You don’t have to be rich either, because all of these game changers come in for under a pineapple.

Grocery bag service

If you don’t have a car you’ll know how distressing experience grocery shopping can be. This little harness-lookin’ grocery bag holder, which is literally such a *basic* yet clever idea, means lugging your goods back home will be much easier. Ain’t nobody got time for multiple trips. It’s also like, $3.

Toilet seal pedal

Great for share houses. There’s not much more to say other than that. Would I buy one? No, probably not. But it’s sterile and, you and well, know the rest.

Book page holder

Yes yes yes. Books are so annoying! But I’ll never go into Kindle territory. What a way to have the best of both worlds, you guys. I’d say I’m ~here for it~ if several people in my life wouldn’t slap me for doing so.

Waterproof notepads

If you’re a shower thoughts kinda person try and remain chill. Having a notepad might keep those thoughts more creative than existential crisis-like, too.

The best peeler in the world

No really, that’s what it’s called. Discovered in my adult life at the Sydney Royal Easter Show, this guy has made me get my Gordon Ramsay on (or at least that Ready Steady Cook dude). It’s a big call for someone who would rather forgo dinner than have to make it. It peels, slices, shreds, grates and makes julienne straws and zests. It’s only $20.

Portable phone charger

Don’t be the person who asks the bartender to charge their phone and get yourself sorted. We don’t have to outline the benefits to you because, wild guess, we think you already know them. You can get ’em as cheap as $10.

Dead skin remover

Feet are bloody rank body parts even if you’re the hottest person alive like – I don’t know – Em Ratajkowski. Why? Because they’re feet. With toes. But you can make ’em look half decent with a pedi foot file. It removes all the yuck dead skin and feels kind of nice, too. Comes in for $25-$50.

Clothes steamer

Some people can’t be trusted with expensive clothes. Those same people can’t afford the dry cleaning bill every other week, namely because they spend their money on said expensive clothes. Don’t risk ruining your threads by instead “ironing” them out with a steamer. Scrapes in at $49 from the holiest store, Kmart.


Keys are cooked. They’re noisy, easily lost and find themselves jammed into the various fruits you’ve left in your bag. It’s the fruit’s fault for being squishy tho, clearly. Anyway, wrap that nonsense up by buying one of these Orbitkeys which gets all’a your keys in an orderly fashion.

Tap fountain thingy

Mates, I can’t even tell you how much water I drink. I also can’t even tell you how many times drinking said water creates a bit of a situation on my face. I strongly feel as though this invention will fix that. Worth a crack, at least.

You know what’s bloody phenom about all of the above aside from their obvious lyf-changing abilities? They’re all under $50.

If you open a new Bank of Melbourne Complete Freedom account between 1st of July 2017 and 30th September 2017, you’ll score a crisp pineapple when you deposit $500 within 45 days of account opening*. By pineapple we mean $50. Gosh, don’t you read Urban Dictionary? Find out more HERE.

*Eligibility, T&Cs apply.