The Xbox Game Streaming Service Might Be Coming To The Switch Of All Places

According to some industry whispers, Microsoft may soon let Nintendo Switch owners stream Xbox games via its upcoming service, Project xCloud.

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Spotted by Game Informer, the plan is mentioned in a video by Direct Feed Games, an outlet which is said to have “a strong track record for rumours especially centring around Nintendo”. Not only does Direct Feed think Microsoft will be publishing ports of its game for the Switch, but it may also allow Nintendo owners to access its library of Xbox Game Pass titles via its streaming platform.

You can have a listen to the thoughts in the video below.

The two companies have been working together for a little while now, allowing crossplay between their platforms as well as joining forces on Microsoft exclusives like Minecraft. The move makes sense when you think about it, Microsoft furthers its content reach and Nintendo gets even more games for its own platform. It’s a win-win.

Direct Feed specifically mentions Ori and the Blind Forest as a potential port title, which would indeed feel right at home on the Switch and, I assume, would run just fine natively. According to sources close to Game Informer, an official announcement “could come as soon as this year”.

The Xbox streaming service, Project xCloud, was announced last year and will allow Xbox games to be played on virtually anything with a screen, including smartphones and tablets. This too would be open to the Switch but would require a pretty strong internet connection, which isn’t exactly great news for us here in Australia, but hopefully, Microsoft has taken that into consideration.

Cloud streaming isn’t exactly new to Nintendo, either. In Japan, gamers have been able to play Resident Evil 7 and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey via streaming, but it hasn’t been made available outside of the country.

If this latest rumour is true, it’s a big win for gamers everywhere.

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