Uber Sent This Msg About Harassment To Users Who Went To Delete The App

Since ex-Uber engineer Susan Fowler posted her story of the company’s alleged, incredibly sexist workplace culture, users have been deleting the app in droves.

The New York Times published a story soon after Fowler’s post went public in which more Uber staff confirmed a homophobic workplace with threats of violence from managers and sexual assault
It’s sent Uber’s damage control efforts into overdrive, sending out emails to those referencing the allegations as the reason for deletion stating the company is “deeply hurting” after learning of the sexist work environment. 
In order to delete an account, users have to fill out a form on their website, after which an email is sent to confirm the deletion. 
Uber have since stopped sending this message to users, which has been criticised for referencing Fowler twice. 

“They are either deliberately encouraging continuing harassment of her, or they are utterly ignorant of how retaliation and intimidation works — it’s unclear which is more embarrassing,” said Valerie Aurora, diversity and inclusion consultant at Frame Shift Consulting
It adds to the already shitty time the company have been having with the viral #DeleteUber campaign, which sprouted when Uber switched off airport surge pricing during a protest of Trump‘s travel ban by New York City taxi drivers. 
The company is now in the midst of a self-initiated independent review.
Source: CNN.
Photo: Uber / @FamousCeleb.