Today’s Google Doodle Lets You Make Music & Now Your Friday Is A Write-Off

Unless you’ve never been online, you’d know that Google often include a cute little doodle or interactive feature in honour of an anniversary or birthday occurring on that day. 

Every now and then they do something so damn cool that I can’t help but obsess over it for a good 2 to 3 hours. Folks, today is one of those days. 
To celebrate Oskar Fischinger‘s 117th birthday, the search engine has included a sweet visual music composer that lets you create tunes by clicking around on a grid. You can even layer different instruments to give your song a fuller feel. 
Fischinger was GermanAmerican abstract animator, filmmaker and painter. He was born in 1900 and is known for creating abstract musical animations long before computers or even music videos. He also invented the Lumigraph, an instrument that created patterns and colours using light and a rubberised screen.
When you click into the glorious composer on the Google homepage, you’re greeted with a famous quote from the inventor. 
“Music is not limited to the world of sound. There exists a music of the visual world.” 
Fischinger also worked on Walt Disney’s famous animated film, ‘Fantasia’. He passed away in 1967. 
You can give the psychedelic composer a go right bloody here. Just click on the design at the top.  
Photo: Google.