Elon Musk Just Unveiled Tesla’s New ‘Optimus’ Robot & The Internet Wasted No Time Roasting It

Elon Musk has finally unveiled his company’s long-awaited Tesla robot “Optimus” and we’re not sure it got the response he expected…at least, from the internet.

At Tesla’s “AI Day” event, the robot appeared from behind a set of double doors in all its metallic glory.

It then did a little dance involving arm thrusts and some hip movement accompanied by an EDM song.

Imagine baby boomers doing water aerobics except robotic and on a Tesla stage in California.

“There’s still a lot of work to be done to refine Optimus and prove it,” Musk said as per SBS.

“I think Optimus is going to be incredible in five or ten years, like mind-blowing.”

Right now, Optimus can water plants, carry boxes, and lift metal bars as per a video shown at the event.

Musk said he wanted to sell the robot for USD $20,000 (AUD $31,000 ) and produce “millions” of them as per the ABC.

As far as a sales pitch goes, I’m not sure if I’d pay 30 grand to have a few boxes moved and some plants watered.

However, Musk saw my critique coming a mile away and said the event was less of a sales pitch and more of an opportunity to recruit talented engineers. Sure, king.

This didn’t mean people on the internet weren’t going to rattle off a few spicy thoughts.

Much of the criticism levelled at Musk related to his skill in keeping Tesla’s stock price high.

As a publicly-owned company, launch events like these are key to keeping current investors happy and showing potential investors that Tesla is worth their money.

Despite Tesla’s recent jump in profitability, Musk has seemingly been stuck in a loop of making big announcements, rarely delivering on them, and then making more announcements.

A glaring example, is Tesla’s “Autopilot” self-driving feature which isn’t really autonomous at all.

One thing’s for sure, ain’t no way I’m forking out thousands of bucks for a robot that can’t even open a beer yet.

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