Spotify Has Listed Surgeons’ Most-Played Tunes, But Where Is The Fray?

We place our actual lives in the hands of doctors and surgeons, so it can be easy to forget that they’re just as human as we are. They like to do fun shit in their spare time and they probably enjoy listening to music as much as you do.

In fact, they’re probably rocking the fuck out while they’re cutting you open. According to a recent survey, 90 percent of surgeons choose to chuck on some sick tunes in the operating theatre.

While that can sound kinda distracting, it actually does the opposite. When listening to music they like, a surgeon’s technique improves and they’re more efficient at closing incisions. We shit you not, that’s actually been proven by researchers at the University of Texas Medical Branch.

But then there’s the big question; what do they listen to while they poke around inside you? According to Spotify, it’s mostly rock.

Yep, rock is the most popular genre surgeons listen to whilst operating (49 percent). Pop takes a close second place (48 percent), followed by classical (43 percent), jazz (24 percent) and R&B (21 percent).

Of those who listen to music in the OR, 89 percent of them preferred playlists over full albums and 31 percent have more than 5 playlists on rotation.

Listening to tunes on the job, they say, helps to calm them, improve mood and focus, and break tension during quiet moments. “It calms the nerves and improves staff morale,” said one surgeon, while another added, “At times it keeps the room mellow and coordinated, and at other times it keeps the pace up.”

Some surgeons may even open up the choice of ear candy to others, taking requests from patients who are awake during their procedure.“We do C-sections where the patients are awake. If they have a preference we go with what they want. If not, we have fun with it and play name that tune from old TV shows, old songs, etc,” said one doctor.

There are times, however, when the music needs to be turned down, like critical points in the procedure or when there’s complications.

Below is a playlist of the most common songs that appear on the playlists of surgeons. I’d like to point out that one of them is exclusively about doing cocaine.