‘Baby Driver’ Got Y’all So Fired Up That eBay Sales Of iPods Spiked By 929%

If you haven’t seen it yet, Baby Driver features an iPod-loving getaway driver and one belter of a soundtrack. After the release of the film, iPod sales on eBay went absolutely crazy.

During the week of its launch, sales for the iPod on eBay grew by a colossal 929 percent, and after y’all learned they would be discontinued, that number increased again by 52 percent.

The way the classic music player was flashed around throughout the movie clearly hit its audience square in their nostalgia receptors, resulting in a flurry of purchases via the platform.

There was a total of 107,354 iPod listings on the site and given the increased spark in popularity, that number will likely get smaller as the prices get bigger.

The original iPod was released back in 2001 and came with only 5GB or 10GB storage capacity, which was fairly decent at the time. That bad boy was a bloody game changer, even if it did look hideous.

Larger and better iterations were released over the following years, but as soon as people realised you could just whack your tunes onto your phone, its popularity began to decline. Once Spotify hit the scene, no one really had any use for the device.

I recently sold my iPod Classic and while I got a decent price for it, something’s telling me I should of held onto it for a little longer. Shit.

Source: Gizmodo 
Photo: Baby Driver 

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