Some Legend Beautifully Animated A Triple J Caller’s Insane ‘RuneScape’ Yarn

An Aussie RuneScape player had Triple J hosts losing their minds, calling in to tell them the story of how he was scammed out of his bronze armour by a random stranger. While the call itself isn’t new, a wonderfully animated video of the event has just recently surfaced, posted to YouTube by user Buddy.

[jwplayer sKZZk6x3]

For those not familiar, RuneScape is an online multiplayer game which was extremely popular back in the early 2000s. With player interaction being such a huge part of the game, tricks and scams like this were fairly common, but for the most part, easily avoidable.

Calling in as part of a segment where the public talk about various dog acts they’ve experienced, a gamer named Cam explained that while he was out killing goblins to level up, a seemingly kind stranger offered to trim his bronze armour for free. Taking him up on the offer, Cam handed over the goods shortly before the stranger immediately teleported somewhere else, taking Cam’s armour with him.

In other words, Cam got fucking rolled, hard. A dog act, indeed, but after talking a little longer, it was revealed that Cam started using the scam himself, becoming the dog he was once viciously bitten by. Incredible stuff.

While the presenters didn’t fully understand the dynamics at play in the game, the text line went off with folks sharing similar stories or just to tell Cam he’s a noob and/or dog. Some others even called in to share their own stories of being rolled for gear.

In the end, the presenters decided that Cam is both a dog and a victim of a dog act. I highly recommend you listen to the segment for yourself below. It’ll be the most entertaining thing you hear all day.

While the original RuneScape servers are no longer running, the game is still very much alive, albeit, much prettier than it was back in its heyday.

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