Samsung Is Throwing Shade At Apple Again In Its Latest Ad “Growing Up”

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Samsung is no stranger to throwing max shade at Apple and their devoted fanbase. The company’s latest ad does just that, pointing out all of the ways they’ve been ahead of the iPhone over the years.

It follows one bloke’s smartphone journey, poking fun at the cultish nature of Apple fans and the shortfalls of the iPhone. They first show it running out of storage space, the small screen size of the iPhone 5S, and the lack of waterproofing when Samsung introduced it to their phones.

They even point out the ridiculous dongle situation of recent years, which feels like a pretty fair point to make. Dongles are the pits.

Eventually, the man buys a Galaxy Note 8, which, as the name “growing up” suggests, is the mature choice to make. He then walks past a line of people waiting for the iPhone X, including one fella with the top notch cut into his hair. Never cut the top notch into your hair.

And so, the Apple vs. Samsung war rages on, both in and outside of the courts. Samsung recently dragged the iPhone makers back to court for a retrial over $400 million in patent damages, but in a separate case, Apple just won $120 million relating to the slide-to-unlock patent.

You can watch the ad for yourself below.

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