Please Enjoy A Monkey Singing ‘Chop Suey’ & Other Animoji Karaoke Bangers

Apart from the obvious design differences, there’s only a couple of features that really set the iPhone X apart from the iPhone 8. One of them is Face ID, and the other is animoji, which, like the name suggests, are animated emojis.

The best thing about animojis is that they’re animated by your own facial movements and expressions, allowing you to embody a panda, fox, alien, monkey and more. Kinda like a digital puppet controlled by your face.

Since the phone came out on November 3, watching people speak nonsense through the face of a unicorn has been amusing as hell, but the most entertaining act of all is animoji karaoke. I’m sure I don’t need to explain to you how it works, just watch.

Holy shit, this is pure art. Please know that I entered a deep dark hole of animoji videos for the sake of this article and I never plan on coming back. My entire essence is now animoji karaoke.

Please, someone save me. I can’t stop looking at cartoon animals singing popular songs.

Jesus that’s fantastic. It’s a bummer that only iPhone X users can get involved, but that’s Apple for you. If anyone wants me, I’ll be cackling to myself in the corner watching these on repeat.