Pour One Out For Note7 Engineers, B/c The Replacements Are Still Overheating

The great exploding phone debacle of 2016 continues as the replacement Note7‘s doled out by Samsung to pissed off customers are reportedly still overheating. What a kick in the nuts for both Samsung and their understandably peeved smartphone users. 

The Note7 was recalled after some nasty cases of the phone exploding and in some cases causing damage to people and property. If that wasn’t bad enough already, the company did a bloody horrible job on the initial recall and many-a-punter complained.
Many customers are reporting that the smartphone is too hot to handle during a phone call and in some cases, the replacement required a further replacement. Just how far spread the problem is is unknown at this stage, but it’s a pretty shitty predicament no matter which way you slice it. If you own a Note7, here’s hoping it doesn’t explode in your pants. 
Samsung, m8, ease up on the spicy phones, would ya?
Source: Gizmodo
Photo: Reddit user Crushader.