Exploding Samsung Phablet Causes $1,800 Of Damage To Perth Hotel Room

Barely a day after Samsung Australia announced the recall of the Galaxy Note7 that’s been doing a little bit of dangerous exploding overseas, there have been 2 reported cases on home soil. 
One of the cheeky ‘splosions happened in a Perth hotel room whilst it was charging, causing an eye watering $1,800 worth of damage to the room. The bed sheets were apparently charred and the poor fella from Melbourne burnt his finger when he threw the spicy handset onto the floor.  
Of the 35 cases reported to the company, some of them similarly burst into flames whilst plugged into the charger. 
Samsung told all Note7 users yesterday not to continue using their device and to immediately exchange it for a temporary one until a replacement Note7 is provided in about 4 weeks.
“Samsung Electronics Australia advises all customers who use a Galaxy Note7 smartphone to power off their device, return it to its place of purchase and use an alternative device until a remedy can be provided,” said their statement. 
Luckily for the survivor of the great Perth hotel smartphone fire of 2016, Samsung have agreed to cover the cost of the damages, he said in a Reddit post. 

“I have given the hotel Samsung contact information of the person I spoken to. Samsung will be taking care of the reimbursement to the damages.”
He was advised by Samsung that this was the first reported case in the country. 
Across the globe, the company are expecting to replace up to 2.5 million Note7’s, which could cost them billions of earth dollars. 
If you’ve got a Note7, we reckon you should probably get that shit outta ya pocket, pronto, lest you cop the full force of a burning pant. 
Source: The Australian.
Photo: Reddit user Crushader.