5 Nifty Phone Photography Tips From Creative Whiz Sam Evans

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If there’s a sector of society who knows a thing or two about taking amazing photos on their phones, it is influencers.

These peeps often travel the world with just a mobile phone on their person but they somehow manage to produce breathtaking photography. And now that the Samsung Galaxy S10 range is ready for our photo-snapping fingers, we are seriously keen to see how we can manage to shoot the same 10/10 images for ourselves.

So we caught up with someone who’s already putting the S10+ model to good use – Creative Director, Influencer, and Samsung Ambassador Sam Evans – and you can probably guess what we asked him.

From the importance of lighting to the biggest phone photography no-nos, anyone who has ditched their digital camera for their phone will feel inspired by Sam’s Galaxy-powered photography and wanna hear what he has to say.

P.TV: How long have you been shooting for?

SE: Professionally for four years, travelling and shooting for about six years now.

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P.TV: What are your top 5 tips for shooting on your phone?


  1. Clean your lens. Any smudges can affect the quality of the image.
  2. Utilise all the functions and settings. Phones now come with a heap of added features that can transform your shot, like the ultra-wide lens that comes on the Samsung Galaxy S10.
  3. Change your perspective. Look for unique angles that give your work a more personal touch.
  4. Use Stabilisation when shooting videos. This comes as a feature for devices like the Galaxy S10+ and minimises any shakes that make videos hard to watch.
  5. Shoot in RAW Mode. Utilising Raw Mode means you’ll have a lot more detail when it comes to editing.
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P.TV: What advice do you have for anyone wanting to get a start in the creative industry?

SE: Get out there, make new content and use social media to your advantage. That’s how I did it.

The beauty of platforms such as Instagram or YouTube is that anyone can go out, create and then upload. The more you upload, the more people are going to see your work. The more people that see your work, the more chance you’ll have in getting your foot into the creative industry.

Also, remember to create for yourself because shooting out of passion rather than just ‘to be seen’ is when the best work is made.

P.TV: How much of a good shot is composition and how much is the tools?

SE: While the tools are important, composition and thinking about what you’re going to fill your frame with is always going to be key.

You can take the same shot on a good or bad camera and the composition will be the same, it is just the quality and detail that will be different. You can take a really well composed shot on a really average camera and it will still be a good shot.

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P.TV: Do you think phone photographers get a bad name?

SE: Some people bad-mouth phone photographers as being “lazy” but if anything they should be celebrated, because they really have to think outside the box as they use the bare minimum to get the same result.

One of those people is Demas Rusli who is a friend and fellow Samsung Ambassador. He creates some of the most beautiful imagery using nothing but the phone.

P.TV: What’s the best way to maximise your chance of getting a good shot?

SE: I think the main thing for me is choosing the right time. Light is everything. Shooting at the start of the day at sunrise or shooting at the end of the day at sunset is always going to set you up for a great shoot, no matter what you’re shooting.

If you’re shooting in the middle of the day it isn’t going to be great, there are going to be a lot of harsh shadows.

I think also telling a story is very important. Whether it’s a photo or video, conveying emotion delivers the best possible shot and connects with your viewer.

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P.TV: What would you say to people who don’t think they can be a photographer/videographer because they don’t own a DSLR?

SE: I think that’s just an excuse. Anyone can be a photographer or a videographer with a decent phone.

Similar to DSLRs, phones like the Galaxy S10 now shoot in 4K and also have ‘Pro Mode’ which allows you to control the aperture, shutter speed and ISO – exactly what a DSLR does.

I would encourage people to not just rely on the best gear but focus on the roots of photography: storytelling, connection, passion and creativity.

P.TV: What’s the best thing about shooting on a phone?

SE: I think the best thing for me shooting on a phone would be its size and the fact that you just need the phone.

Two or three years ago you needed a backpack full of lenses, batteries, chargers and stabilisers and there were so many components you needed, but now all you literally need is the phone and I can walk out onto the street and shoot a YouTube video or a full album of photos. It’s being able to pull out your phone from your pocket at any moment and capture high-quality content.

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P.TV: What’s your biggest NO-NO for phone photography?

SE: Having a dirty lens can really stuff up a shot, so making sure the lens is always clean can make or break for someone’s photography.

All images shot on Samsung by @samevanslife

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