Netflix Has Shown Off A Prototype ‘Binge Mode’ & Lord Help Us All

We all love a bloody good binge-watch, don’t we? I, for one, have lost count of how many sundays I’ve spent inside with the blinds closed repeating “hmmm, I’ll just watch one more” to absolutely no one once an hour.

It was only a matter of time before streaming big wig Netflix capitalised on the idea of watching for hours at a time, so it’s no surprise that one of the highlights from the company’s Hack Day was focused on just that.

the proposed feature is called Binge Mode and it will enable your lengthy sessions like a bad friend with a handful of drugs. Basically, it’ll tell you exactly where you’re up to in the entire show and exactly how long it will take you to watch what’s left. Dangerous, no?

You can watch the engineers explain it in the video below.

Each bubble in binge mode represents an episode, giving you a visual view of exactly where you’re at in a show. As you progress through a series, the bubbles are filled and the timer beneath it is reduced.

The company’s Hack Day is where engineers get to show off or pitch sweet ideas for the platform. This one’s only a prototype at this stage, but given the huge amount of attention it’s received, it wouldn’t surprise me if it becomes an actual feature.

RIP your spare time.

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