Meta Has Begun Rolling Out AI-Generated Stickers & I Don’t Think They Thought This One Through

cursed meta AI generated stickers

Meta has begun its rollout of AI-generated stickers for Messenger, and something tells me old mate Zucc has underestimated the masses.

The social media giant announced its foray into AI last week, which will see a pretty big change in the way its apps will be used.

In this case, in the form of utterly bonkers AI sticker prompts.

You see, in the new AI sticker feature (which is currently only available to a small amount of users in the US, boo), FB users can create custom stickers with AI by giving it a prompt. You know, like “puppy love” or “heart holding a sunflower”.

Or, in the case of this X user, Waluigi with a gun. *Wendy Williams voice* What was that? OK — James.

Yep, searching “Waluigi rifle” will indeed show you stickers of menacing Mario characters brandishing lethal weapons.

The X user also looked up “Karl Marx large breasts”, “child soldier” and “Trudeau buttocks” with equally cursed images generated.

Obviously, Meta should have seen this coming.

Imagine the weird and wonderful pics you can generate. “Gwyneth Paltrow cryptid”. “Terry Crews as a kitten”. “Mike Wazowski big tiddies”. “Hello Kitty mafia boss”. The possibilities of the search are indeed endless… and so is our creativity.

In case you haven’t been across Meta’s latest updates, Mark Zuckerberg introduced its alternative to ChatGPT, a new virtual assistant named Meta AI. So original and creative.

It also introduced an AI image generator called Emu, as well as a bunch of distinct AI personalities you will be able to chat to about various topics. For some reason, these AI’s are based on and voiced by actual celebrities, including Paris Hilton, Kendall Jenner and *checks notes* Sam Kerr?

It’s all pretty weird and kind of dystopian, but at least I will (hopefully soon) be able to send my friends AI-generated stickers made of terms like “Scott Morrison caterpillar legs”. It’s the little things.

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