I will say this for Instagram: it’s one ever-changing beast! The almighty app is always rolling out new features and functions that keep us on our toes and upgrades the ~user experience~.

The Facebook-owned app (or is that Meta-owned app now?) just rolled out a heap of new features, as spotted by Later.com, so I thought it’d be a fab idea to take ya through some of them.

Let’s roll, I mean, let’s scroll!

Link stickers for all!

For as long as Instagram Stories have been a thing, only verified users have been able to add a swipe-up link.

But now, Instagram has rolled out link stickers for all users, regardless of your verification status or volume of followers, so everyone can share links on their Insta Stories.

This will come in handy when you wanna encourage your followers to donate to an important cause or check out an article that you found particularly intriguing (like a P.TV yarn, OFC).

Add Yours stickers

Introducing the Add Yours sticker, an interactive tool that allows you to create viral chains of content.

For example, let’s say I wanna ask my followers what book they’re currently reading, I’ll share a pic of what I’m reading (Dave Grohl’s memoir, BTW – I highly recommend!) and pop in the Add Yours sticker and ask folks what they’re reading, and they can respond with a pic of their book.

Text-to-speech feature

Are you ever listening to someone’s Insta Story and you have no bloody idea what they’re saying? Or you’re with a group of people and don’t wanna be rude and play someone’s IG Story out loud, but ya wanna know WTF they’re on about?

Well, there’s a new text-to-speech feature that transcribes what’s being said during the video and displays the words as captions.

The text-to-speech feature can be found in the Instagram stickers section and is also available on Reels.

Desktop Insta

If, for whatever reason, you find that you’ve been separated from your phone and feel like sharing shit on Instagram, now you can!

Instagram has FINALLY rolled out a desktop function that allows you to post from the ‘gram on your computer.

Before we were only able to view posts, but not share. And now we can! Great news for your boomer dad who refuses to succumb to the iPhone generation and still has a Nokia brick strapped to his belt.

Instagram Collabs

You may notice that as of recently, some posts in your feed have mysteriously consisted of two IGers.

This is thanks to the new function that allows users to co-author posts and Reels. The benefit of this is that it allows your post to be seen by all your mates’ mates as the post appears in both of your timelines,  so it literally doubles the level of engagement!

Here’s an example by my fave chaotic couple, Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian:

Here’s a lil how-to guide by Insta’s Creators page:

Happy ‘gramming, folks!