Apple Announces Some Slick New Gear Including A Redesigned MacBook Air

Apple announced a bunch of new products earlier today, including a slick new redesigned MacBook Air, a new iPad Pro, and a Mac Mini desktop.

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In terms of pure aesthetics, the MacBook Air is shaped how it always has been but with a slimmer body which is 15mm thick. It packs a high-resolution Retina display for the first time and has smaller borders around the 13.3-inch screen, a larger touchpad, and a redesigned keyboard with a Touch ID sensor on it.

Furthermore, it’ll be made from recycled aluminium, clocking a weight of 1.2kg. “It’s time for a new MacBook Air; one that takes the new MacBook experience even further in a way that is important to our customers,” CEO Tim Cook said during today’s keynote.

Expect to pay a hefty price for the unit, though, ranging between $1,849 and $2,149. The new MacBook Air launches on November 7 in three colours; silver, gold, and space grey.

Apple also announced a new iPad Pro which has a larger screen, smaller body, facial recognition, and a redesigned Apple Pencil. In one big bloody swoop, the company has also ditched the fingerprint sensor, headphone jack, and Lightning cable from the device, but replaced it with a USB-C connection, which enables users to connect directly to devices like digital cameras, and charge iPhones directly from the iPad battery.

The unit will feature a 12.9-inch Liquid Retina display, the new A12X Bionic hardware, Face ID, and storage of up to 1 terabyte, which is bloody enormous for a tablet. The new Apple Pencil will also be able to attach to the iPad magnetically for charging. There’s a smaller 11-inch model available, as well.

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The price will make your fucking eyes water, folks. The smallest size (11-inch, 64GB) is $1,229, but if you’re after the top-tier iPad Pro with 1T of space, WiFi and cellular enabled, expect to pay $2,869. The new units will also be available on November 7.

Lastly, Apple announced a new Mac Mini desktop computer, boasting a 500 per cent speed boost. It packs a six-core CPU, 64GB of RAM, USB-C connections, and up to 2 terabytes of flash storage. Prices for these start at $1,249 and go as high as $6,600 for top-tier hardware. The Mac Mini is also available on the 7th of November.

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There you have it, folks. An impressive selection of new hardware at prices that’ll make your wallet wail in pain.

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