This iPhone Hack Makes You Bank Transfer Someone When You Snooze Your Alarm, So Goodbye Money

A woman has discovered quite possibly the most evil, yet genius iPhone hack known to man, where every time you snooze your alarm you are forced to bank transfer someone. And OOFT that is certainly one way to become a morning person.

The hack was shared to Instagram Reels by the.brokegeneration and it truly is a game-changer.

Similarly to an iPhone hack we shared recently that lets you use the apple on the back of your phone do stuff, this is another ingenious tip. And yes as you can probably tell, at Pedestrian we are very, very, very horny for iPhone hack content.

However, while it is a great hack, it only seems to work with UpBank and Westpac at this stage. But try your own banking app just in case.

As explained in the Reel, all you need to do is head to your shortcuts, go to new personal automation and click alarm. Then go to apps, look for UpBank and program it to pay an account whatever amount you choose.

You also can use the hack for good, rather than evil. And every time you snooze your alarm, it sets up an automatic bank transfer to your savings instead. So sleeping in will actually save you money.

The shortcut feature literally lets you do anything. So if you’re truly chaotic (like me) and you really don’t want to sleep in, you can make your phone automatically message your ex every time you hit snooze.

Another evil hack that you can use on someone else is every time they connect to carplay, it automatically plays a song. I highly recommend programming it to play the U2 album that no one asked  for.

Oh and my personal favourite, you can program a shortcut to send the entire Bee Movie script as individual texts. All you have to do is download this shortcut.

But yeah the money saving one is good too.

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