Oh Good, There’s Rumours Swirling That The iPhone 12 Won’t Come With A Charger

The release of the incoming iPhone 12 looks like it may be going even further with taking important things out of the box (yes I’m still mourning the headphone jack), with hot rumours reporting that the new phone won’t come with a charger or EarPods. My poor busted-up phone charger is looking even sadder now, I won’t lie.

As reported by Gizmodo, noted Apple-knower and analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes the new phone will only come with a Lightning to USB-C cable, and Apple will instead sell an updated 20-watt power adaptor (that bit you plug into the wall) separately. Guess we should probably set aside a little more cash than we intended to, then.


The 20-watt adaptor will have a bit more guts than older 5W and 18W models, which Apple will end production on at the end of the year. The new 20W fast-charging adaptor will also include a USB-C port like the ones that came with the iPhone 11 Pro. The only difference being that you will have to buy it separately to your phone if you want that faster juice or your old adapter is at the end of its life.

As well as the charger adapter, Apple will reportedly not include the classic EarPods in the box with the iPhone 12 either, making it the first time ever that an iPhone has been released without its wired earbud companion. An absolute end of an era. I guess considering pretty much everyone had their own headphones or preferred earbuds now, this isn’t too shocking.

iPhone12 charger earpods
RIP to all of THIS.

Honestly, I never used the included EarPods because my ears just refuse to accept them (don’t ask, because I don’t get it either) but it’s apparently a move from Apple to push people to buy the AirPods. Which my ears probably also won’t like.

The release date of the iPhone 12 is still not yet confirmed, and there’s speculation that Apple may push it back from the traditional September release due to the coronavirus pandemic. But we’ll let you know as soon as we find out, so you can start saving up if you’re pining for a phone upgrade.

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