Scientists Are Creating An IRL Invisibility Cloak, So Confiscate That Filch You Narc Bitch

invisibility cloak

If you’ve been waiting for your letter to Hogwarts ever since your 11th birthday, you’d be glad to know that an IRL invisibility cloak is currently being developed. Huge, I know.

[jwplayer LnCPEFXm]

Military camouflage developer Hyperstealth Biotechnology has applied for patents for the high-tech invention that is likely the closest we’ll ever get to true wizardry.

The ‘Quantum Stealth’ technology is a paper-thin material that camouflages people (and military tanks) by bending light around the subject. When you stand behind the material, you completely vanish to the naked eye, leaving only the background behind you in sight, according to 9 News.

Although my inner Harry Potter nerd is quietly losing my mind over this, my logical brain is equally terrified by the fact that military superpowers can hide tanks, soldiers and even entire buildings with this technology. What kind of high-tech warfare is next? I’m not sure I want to know.

I guess we’ve just gotta hope that the Canadian company has a strong enough moral compass not to sell-out the technology to some evil genius that’s trying to take over the world.

Hyperstealth even shared a video of the innovative technology, and honestly it’s everything my inner Hogwarts nerd could’ve ever hoped for.

Throughout the video, the company shows how the new technology can hide a miniature tank and a model fighter jet from the view of the camera. Obviously, this is for promotional purposes, and a much bigger cloak could likely hide a real fighter jet.

“One piece of Quantum Stealth can work in any environment in any season at any time of the day or night, something no other camouflage is capable of,” the company said.

Hyperstealth has been developing the technology for years, but now that they’re applying for a patent, it’s likely pretty close to being manufactured. The Quantum Stealth technology doesn’t require any power, is inexpensive to produce and can be used 24 hours a day, so I’m going to go ahead and assume Area 51 already has a pre-order for hundreds of alien-sized invisibility cloaks.

It’s no secret that militaries around the world have been trying to get their hands on invisibility technology for decades now, in what can only be described as the Harry Potter version of the space race.

The US Defence Department revealed that they’d been looking into invisibility cloaks in a recently declassified document, and we already know that British soldiers have been testing the new form of camouflage since at least 2016.

If you’re keen on nerding-out for an hour, the company has released a video explaining their entire journey to invisibility. However, I have to warn you, this video is likely going to send you into a panic about the future of military technology.

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