A Huge Harry Potter Store Is Opening In Melbs This Week So Avada Kedavra My Bank Account

Harry Potter
Contributor: Steffanie Tan

Hogwarts hopefuls, witches, and wizards unite and dip into your Gringott’s savings because there’s a bloody huge Harry Potter superstore opening in Myer Melbourne this week.

[jwplayer 6X0dBGhh]

The entire store basement at Myer Melbourne on Bourke Street Mall – all 500 square metres of it – has been transformed into a wizarding world, complete with Harry Potter gifts, stationary, costumes, homewares, and apparels. Doors officially open Friday, October 18. That’s this week, Muggles. This damn Friday.

AND, it’ll even have its own Platform 9¾, so you don’t have to fly all the way to London to take that damn picture. This is a Muggle’s dream, I tell you. The shop will also feature a slew of wands you know you’ll buy even though you already have one (three), a dedicated setup to purchase tickets to Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, and LEGO. Harry Potter LEGO.

Not to mention, the grand opening will play host to a Wand Dance from the cast of the hit play, followed by a meet and greet.

Harry Potter at Myer kicks off 12pm, October 18. Suss out all the details on Facebook right HERE. Unless you are dedicated, I wouldn’t rush. The shop will be open until December 2020 so you’ve got plenty of time to spend all your galleons.

In the meantime, if you’re super duper impatient, you can always drop by The Store of Requirement on Smith Street, in Collingwood. The little gift shop is perfect if you need to stock up on chocolate frogs, or utterly adorable Dobby figurines. Also, mugs. Can’t have enough mugs.

You can check out the website right HERE