An Expert Has Dished On Where To Put Ur Wi-Fi Router & Looks Like The Floor Just Won’t Cut It

increase wifi speed internet in australia

With Australia’s broadband speed ranked at number 77 in the world according to Speedtest, we’d be silly not to try and squeeze every last megabyte from our country’s comparatively shitty internet infrastructure. So what are the best ways to ensure a life free from buffering, lag and pixelated videos?

According to Ritter Communications, there are a bunch of cheeky hacks you can implement.

For starters, where you physically place your router can have a vast impact on the speeds it can deliver to your devices.

“Windows, closets and cramped quarters can slow it down,” the company wrote per the Daily Mail.

“Additionally, building materials such as sheetrock, brick and plywood can impede the progress of your signal, so find a wide open area to place your router.”

Since Wi-Fi is, you guessed it, wireless, it can be tempting to think of its signals as being able to permeate any surface.

In reality, if you put a thick surface between the router and your device, it can affect the signal strength.

There were also some juicy tips about the height of the Wi-Fi router.

These were especially confronting for me because my sharehouse’s router sits firmly on the floor, amidst a web of cables and other junk.

We know it’s bad but none of us has ever taken any action to fix the issue. However, I’m sure this is a relatable experience across the nation.

“Placing your router a good distance off the ground improves the range of your signal,” Ritter advises.

“Your router emits radio waves that spread out and down from their source.”

Ahh yes, “out and down” — just like me dropping low in the club. Sorry.

Lastly, the company also reckons its best to reduce the total number of devices connected at any one time.

“There’s only so much room on your information highway, and just like the interstates we drive on, too much traffic can create congestion.”

‘The more devices you have accessing your Wi-Fi at one time, the slower your connection will be.”

For instance, if you’re only using the internet on your laptop, flick your phone to mobile data and perhaps you’ll experience a few less painful loading screens.

So there you have it. Hopefully we’ve all learned something.

Maybe I’ll actually move my Wi-Fi router to a higher location?

Probably not, let’s be honest. I’m too comfy on the couch right now.

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