A New iOS Feature Means Your Mates Won’t Bug You For The WiFi P/W Again

You know a friendship is legit when you walk into their house and the Wi-Fi automatically connects to your phone. That’s a real connection, you know?

Before that, however, there was a time when passwords needed to be exchanged and that can be a total pain in the ass for all involved. You’ll get there after four or five attempts, but surely there has to be a better way. 
Apple are onto it, folks. According to 9to5Mac, the release of iOS 11 later this year will have a Wi-Fi sharing feature that lets you send the required details to your mates with the tap of a button. 
If an iOS 11 device attempts to join your network, your iOS devices will get a notification asking if you would like to send them your password. All you have to do is tap the “Send Password” button and your mate’s device will autofill all the details and connect. Piss-easy. 
The devices will need to be close to each other and unlocked for this to work.
iOS 11 is due for release this spring. 
Source: The Verge.
Photo: Wild Things.

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