If I Find One More Egg In ‘Animal Crossing’ I’m Going To Lose My Goddamn Mind

Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing‘s Bunny Day sucks eggs. That’s it, that’s the yarn. Do you even need to scroll down to read the rest of it? Probably not, unless you want to read more about how dumb Bunny Day is. Keen? Let’s do it.

Bunny Day is Animal Crossing: New Horizon‘s Easter event. But don’t let its name fool you because it isn’t a one-day event, it runs for 12 days, TWELVE. It kicked off last week and concludes on – you guessed it – Easter. It was fun at first, I enjoyed looking for eggs and creating things from said eggs. I hate it now. I hate it so much. On Day One of the event, a not at all terrifying rabbit by the name of Zipper T. Bunny appears on your island. Zipper gives you the task of collecting a limitless amount of Easter eggs, which come in a slew of different forms. Off the top of my head, because I’ve unwillingly caught and found so many goddamn eggs, you can collect Stone, Wood, Earth, Sky, Water, and Leaf ones. There are too many eggs, to a point where Bunny Day doesn’t even feel special anymore. It’s not like catching a rare fish or whatnot, y’know? It’s just too much. Afterwards, Zipper tells you about the recipes hidden around your island. The majority of these recipes are found in message bottles on the beach and presents from the sky. The recipes are limited edition, which is the appeal I suppose. Some are cute – I like the egg crown and a couple of the outfits, but that’s about it.

The rest are shit, I’m not sorry.


For the record, I haven’t always been this bitter about Bunny Day. My hatred for the bastard event kicked in around Day Three, when I realised that all medium-sized fish are WATER EGGS. So I can’t even go for a peaceful fish in isolation anymore, because “that’s an egg, not a fish! What should I do with it…”

“That’s an egg, not a fish! What should I do with it…”

“That’s an egg, not a fish! What should I do with it…”


It costs 2,000 Nook Miles to travel to a different island, two thousand and I like to make those Miles back in achievements and bells. I can’t do that if 8/10 fish I catch are EGGS. In saying this, I would like to formally apologise to the sea bass. I am so sorry I ever got annoyed that I kept catching you. You are a beautiful fish that I never should’ve taken for granted. Yes, I know I can just make fish bait and catch fish that way. Let me whinge.


Oh, and there’s supposed to be a fishing tourney on Saturday, April 11. During water egg season. Hell.

Water eggs aside, what if you just don’t celebrate Easter? And now you have to put up with this bullshit for 12 days? Make. Bunny. Day. Optional.



Remember this?

You know what else really did my head in over the weekend, re: Animal Crossing? Finding out that the elusive gold tools can break now. I don’t want to talk about it.

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