The start of a new year is the perfect time to get your shit sorted – new year, new you after all. If you’re looking to save some cash, the first thing you should do is ditch your crappy old phone plan from the last decade and get something a little fresher. 

For example, upstart telco Circles.Life (powered by the Optus network) has a cracking SIM-only deal right now: 40GB for $28 per month. 

That’s a good chunk of data for not a lot of cash. For comparison, the same kind of money typically buys you 15GB-30GB, so it’s genuinely a case of getting more for less. Here are the full details: 

To get the deal, you’ll need to sign up using the promo code 40FOR28.  

If that’s not quite enough data, you can get another 20GB for just $10 more per month. That works out to be 60GB for $38. 

All Circles plans include 3GB of “bill shock protection” data, which kicks in if you manage to burn through your entire allowance. Essentially, you’re either getting a 43GB or 63GB plan. If you still need extra data, you can grab another 3GB for $6. Given the standard rate for excess data is $10 per GB, that’s pretty damn reasonable. 

There’s one slight catch to these plans: you’ll only get your beefy data allowance for your first year with Circles. In both cases, you’ll lose 20GB of data after your first 12 months are up, leaving you with only 20GB on the cheaper plan or 40GB on the pricier option. Of course, Circles’ plans are contract-free, so you can always leave whenever. 

These deals are available until 3pm on February 28, and you’ll need to activate your SIM card by March 31. 

 Alex Choros is Managing Editor at WhistleOut, Australia’s phone and internet comparison website. 

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Image: South Park