A ‘Final Destination’-Style Death Trap Simulator Is Coming To Switch

A new game announced for the Nintendo Switch overnight called Death Coming lets you harvest souls by setting Final Destination-like traps.

[jwplayer 2pcUn33b]

Your main objective is to gather human souls for that bastard known as the Grim Reaper, but you’ll have to dodge angels to successfully pull it off. As the trailer demonstrates, you can make pot plants fall onto heads, change traffic lights, or achieve multiple kills by altering certain scenery.

It looks grim as hell, but also incredibly fun. I’ve always wanted to orchestrate my own Final Destination death scene.

You can check out the Death Coming trailer below.

Cool shit, no? It looks like there’s gonna be a huge variety of options available to let your morbid creativity shine brightly. It’s not clear whether scores will be based on the number of souls harvested or how creatively you do it, but it should be pretty damn fun either way.

If you’re keen to wreak havoc on some poor digital souls, the game will drop on the Switch via the eShop on April 26. Alternatively, it’s available right now on PS4.