The Folks Behind ‘Farming Simulator’ Made A $50K Donation To Aussie Farmers

Aussie farmers are currently struggling through one of the worst droughts we’ve ever had, but the folks behind the Farming Simulator franchise have helped out with a pretty big donation.

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The game’s developers, Giants Software, along with distribution partners Five Star Games and Focus Home Interactive, have chipped in to give a donation of $50,000 to the charity, Drought Angels, to help with the relief campaign.

“Sadly unlike in our game the effects of the drought are real,” Giants Software marketing lead, Martin Rabl, said in a statement. “Working with Drought Angels allows us to give something back to the Aussie farming community for which we have the deepest respect.”

The money will help Aussie farmers and their communities with food supplies, as well as mental health services and more.

“Drought Angels supports Aussie farmers and their rural communities with meaningful and personalized assistance,” the Drought Angels website reads. “We provide food hampers, care packs, prepaid visas, local store vouchers, stock feed and hay.”

It’s a nice leg up for our farmers, particularly from an industry which is so far removed from one like farming, at least in a physical sense. It is fitting, however, that a game about farming is helping out actual farmers, especially now that temperatures are ramping up for a hotter-than-average summer.

Farming Simulator 19 drops on the 20th of November if you’re keen to do some digital farming, as well as support these awesome companies who support Aussie farmers.