Terrified Cryptocurrency Conference Attendees Unknowingly Dosed With Edibles

Here’s another dispatch from the rapidly evolving and frequently hilarious world of cryptocurrency. According to WIRED, a whole bunch of attendees at a cryptocurrency conference in New York City say that organisers got them extremely high without them being aware of it.

The event was called Crypto Sanctum, and it was held at Beneville Studios in New York’s Flatiron neighbourhood. Apparently, they had a bunch of ‘infused’ products on the food and drinks menu at this $500-a-head soiree – and the menu often didn’t specify exactly what the foodstuffs were ‘infused’ with. Turns out it was weed. A shitload of weed, even.

From the WIRED article:

An hour into that meeting, she could barely speak. She noticed the room was spinning and it was a struggle to stand up. “I realized I was totally wasted,” she said. At first she thought it was sleep deprivation—she hadn’t had a good night’s sleep—but that had never given her the spins like this. She told her boss she couldn’t work anymore because she felt stoned and didn’t know how, which she says was embarrassing to admit.

The Cindicator employee remembers walking home, but doesn’t remember the route she took. In subsequent days, several of the event’s 200 attendees discussed similar experiences on Telegram, the crypto world’s preferred messaging service. One attendee said he thought he’d gotten food poisoning. Another said she’d experienced panic attacks. A third reported he had heard the food was infused with marijuana but felt the dosage was “certainly heavy.”

Crypto Sanctum’s organisers apparently reached out directly to a number of attendees after word spread through various channels that a lot of people got really fucking high.

They’ve pulled a lot of the promotional material around the event, including a 20 minute video of the event itself. The video, WIRED reports, “shows people milling around a white studio with lighting displays on the walls while a DJ spins EDM beats in the background.”

Never trust cryptocurrency people. Never.

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