China Just Rigged Up The World’s Largest Floating Solar Power Plant

Hooley dooley, look at all them solar panels! That’s a whole lotta sun power, baby. Hell yeah!
China, though they’ve long been reviled for their pollution issues, are making dedicated pushes towards using more and more renewable energy.
The latest effort? Casually plugging in the world’s largest floating solar power plant into their power grid and flicking that badboy on.
The floating photovoltaic facility has the capacity to churn out roughly 40 megawatts of power – or the equivalent of approximately 32,000 households’ worth. Chinese energy provided Sungrow Power Supply Co. installed the facility on waters over a flooded former coal-mining region (a lake created by heavy rains over recent decades) near the city of Huainan in the Anhui province.
The new facility follows on the heels of a similar 20MW plant installed in the same region in 2016. The plummeting cost of construction materials, combined with the space-saving solution of installing them on water, means that the floating facilities are becoming more and more popular in the increasingly innovative Chinese energy sector.
The Chinese Government previously announced a plan to increase its use of non-fissile energy sources by 20%, and solar plants are expected to rival coal-burning energy facilities by 2020.
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Source: Digital Trends.
Photo: PV Magazine.

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