Someone Made A Tabletop RPG Where You Steal Unreleased Carly Rae Jepsen Songs

If you’re a fan of pop music and tabletop sci-fi RPGs, there’s one helluva crossover just for you. It’s called Boy Problems and it’s a heist RPG based around raiding a vault for unreleased Carly Rae Jepsen tunes.

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If you’re not familiar with tabletop role-playing games, the best example is probably the classic Dungeons & Dragons, like what you’ve seen in shows like Stranger Things. It’s played on a tabletop (obviously) where players are given a set of rules and attributes and use a dice (or die) to determine the outcomes of decisions and actions. This one, in particular, is based in a futuristic setting and wants you to steal some Carly Rae bangers real bad.

“Hired by an anonymous sponsor, your team of highly trained individuals will raid a well-defended location to retrieve said item,” the game’s description reads. “From planning to set-up to execution, you will see this heist through to its completion, whether that be a success or failure. There will many twists and turns along the way, and don’t always trust the specialists by your side.”

Funnily enough, Carly Rae Jepsen actually does have a stash of 200 unreleased songs, so there you go. Boy Problems is designed as a one-shot RPG, meaning you either succeed or you fail in the one session, but will have a mad time either way. You can get a feel for the rules in the sheet below.

If you’re keen as hell to give it a whirl, you can grab the rest of the printable PDF from the Boy Problems website right here. You’ll need a single 6-sided dice to play, but you can probably find an app for that kinda stuff now if you don’t have one.

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